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Http Helpers

HttpClient Extensions

The HttpClient Extensions provide a number of useful shortcuts for working with your API.

  • GetJObjectAsync: returns the content as a JObject to work with directly.
  • GetAsync<T>: returns a deserialized Json Response
  • PostJsonObjectAsync: sends a post and serializes the provided object to json
  • Adds convienent overloads for Put, Patch, and Delete

HttpRequestHeaders Extensions

  • Add(string, object): calls ToString for you


Perhaps you've gone to create a custom message for the HttpClient before and noticed there is no easy way to send Json. With the Json Content it's a simple as passing in the object you want to serialize.


  • string AddQueryStringParameters(this string uri, object queryObject): This will evaluate your given queryObject and add any properties that have a JsonProperty attribute as query parameters to the given uri.